Jewelry Terminology

BALL CHAIN ~ A chain that consists of small metal spheres set in a continuous line.

BAROQUE ~ This is a common term for elaborate or heavy-looking decoration.

CHARM ~ A trinket or pendant worn on a bracelet or necklace.

CRYSTAL ~ These stones are made from natural quartz crystal and come in a variety of colors.

CUBIC ZIRCONIA (CZ) ~ Cubic zirconia are gemstones are lab-created that is appears like a diamond but does not have the same properties.

DROP ~ A style of jewelry where the primary focus is attached by an embellished or simple chain.

ENAMEL ~ This glass paste or powder is applied to metal which is then fired in an oven.

ETERNITY STRAND ~ This type of necklace, bracelet or anklet is identically cut gemstones set in a continuous line.

FACETED ~ Things that are faceted have many different sides or faces. To enhance their beautiful qualities, transparent crystals are usually faceted.

GOLD-FILLED ~ Metal that is coated with a thick layer of gold that is bonded to its surface. This type of jewelry can last a lifetime.

GOLD-PLATED ~ Metal that is coated with a thin layer of gold bonded to its surface.

GRANDE ~ In many of the Romance languages, this is an adjective that means great or large.

HAND-KNOTTED – Craftsman add knots between beads by hand. This is a special way to add that little “something” to beaded pieces.

LOBSTER CLASP ~ A durable and secure clasp that is opened and closed by holding a small lever and attached or removed from a ring or a link chain.

MATTE ~ A dull finish.

PETITE ~ In many Romance languages, this is an adjective that means attractively dainty and small.

RHODIUM ~ A liquid metal that is a member of the platinum family of metals that when applied give the metal a blackish hue.

ROSARY CHAIN ~ A chain that looks like the string of beads that is used in counting prayers.

RONDELLE ~ A bead with a donut shape that is slightly flattened.

SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE ~ A stone that is not a diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire is considered “semi-precious.” Although these stones are less expensive, they are valued for its beauty.

STERLING SILVER ~ An alloy (a combination of metals) that is made up of at least 92.5% silver. Sterling silver can be worn every day.

TOGGLE ~ A clasp that consists of a bar on one end that is put through a ring on the other.