About Lisa

As a young girl I wanted to become a floral designer. I was drawn to color, texture, balance and beauty. My thirst to read fashion magazines, watch the red carpet and follow style icons increased as I became a young lady. I could always be seen collecting pictures, sketches and photos for inspiration. Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology crystallized the business component for me.

After an illustrious career in NY's Fashion Industry, the launch of LLF Studio was a natural extension of my love for all things beautiful. From the macro to the smallest of details I have had a hand in developing collections throughout my career which enabled me to design, merchandise and source for LLF Studio.

I am very blessed to have spent years traveling the world seeking inspirational trends to create exciting and unique pieces. Trend-seeking may be my favorite hobby. Throughout the years, my collection has expanded to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and in today's Covid climate, masks and mask chains. LLF Studio recently donated beautiful Glamland lanyards for our precious essential health care workers and continues to give to several worthy charities as a way to pay it forward.

My collection fuses the highest quality materials and hand-craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic, and is perfect for someone looking for beautiful and elegant pieces at a tangible price point.