Stone Symbolism


  • Moss agate is said to encourage emotional balance. It’s known to get rid of your lifestyle stresses. It will remind you to take care of yourself.
  • Blue agate has great healing properties that can promote calmness. It is said to help one relax and release tension.
  • Red agate helps to promote physical grounding, reduce negativity, encourage creativity, and helps to balance positive and negative emotions.

AMYTHEST ~ This purple stone is said to be incredibly healing, purifying and protective. It is believed that it can help to diminish negative thoughts of the mind and increase spiritual wisdom.

AFRICAN OPAL ~ This stone is known to calm and soothe. It invites emotional healing and inspiration.

AQUAMARINE ~ Its name comes from Latin "aqua marinus,” meaning water of the sea; just look to its sparkling ocean-like color! It is known as a stone of courage and protection. Its soothing energy is known to help calm fears and phobias.

BAROQUE PEARL ~ This is a twist on the traditional round pearl. It isn't symmetrical in shape and can come in a variety of shapes that range from bumpy, non-symmetrical spheres to flat, round disks. No two are alike.

BONE ~ Bone symbolizes the indestructible life.

COPPER ~ You should bring copper into your life if you’re feeling the heaviness of the world or if you’re stuck in an old pattern that is no longer serving you and you want more ease.

GARNET ~ This deep red stone is believed to bring protection from bad karma. It can revitalize your body and also promotes your emotional well-being by increasing confidence.

HEMATITE ~ Hematite means “blood stone.” Hematite an essential stone to use during a spiritual journey. It helps to focus emotions and energy providing balance between the body, mind and spirit. It is known to diffuse and repel negativity.

JASPER ~ Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer.” It absorbs negative energy while providing protection. During stressful times it will bring tranquility. It balances yin and yang.

LABRADORITE ~ The Labradorite gemstone is said to protect against negativity both in the world and ourselves. It is known as a transformation stone that enhances inner self-worth and strength of will.

MOONSTONE ~ Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, strength and inner growth. It’s known to soothe stress, promote calmness and helps to stabilize emotions. Moonstone is also known to promote success and good fortune in business and love.

ONYX ~ Onyx is known as a protector from evil. It is a stone that offers powerful vibrations of strength, focus, protection and willpower.

PEARL ~ A gem that symbolizes long life and fertility. It is highly feminine.

PERIDOT ~ Peridot is the green color of nature and is related with good health, restful sleep and peacefulness. It is also known as the stone of compassion.

PINK TOPAZ ~ Pink topaz is used for sacred prayer and ceremonies. It is known to enhance creativity and artistic quality.

RIVERSTONE ~ The neutral riverstone gem is known to heighten spiritual experiences and mediation. It can help to break you out of a rut and even accelerate the process of labor and transition in childbirth!

ROSE QUARTZ ~ Rose quartz is a soft pink stone that is known for gentleness and fertility. It can also be used to attract love.

RUBY ~ Ruby can enhance motivation and feelings of passion. It is a stone of protection that can bring passion and happiness to anyone who wears it.

SAPPHIRE ~ The magnificent sapphire is a gemstone of wisdom and royalty. Sapphire was believed to bring good fortune and protection.

SMOKY TOPAZ ~ Wear this stone to alleviate feelings of negativity and depression. It can help to relieve anxiety and stress while strengthening confidence.

SODALITE ~ Sodalite is known to calm panic attacks and helps to bring emotional balance. Self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust can also be enhanced from sodalite.

SPINEL ~ Spinel can be used to heal energy blockages and lend energy to the body. It also can calm physical inflammation.